Today a vast range of workplace safety courses is widely available, but how can you know which is best for you, and what really sets one Company apart from another?
It is a difficult question to answer. There are many variables; company policies, location, workplace culture, costs and more. So what makes MEC Italia Engineering different?
The answer is simple: we do not just sell safety courses, we sell “Our Experience in Workplace Safety”…

MEC Italia applies and imposes to his own workers and employees located at different multinational companies in foreign countries the compulsory attendance of courses about security. We work every day in complex and diversified situations, and these are our knowledge and experiences that we can offer to our customers.
Therefore, not only coloured slides or words that can be forgotten… but a solid and concrete reality, experienced in the field … this is our (and your) Security.
Mec Italia Engineering S.A. operates in conformity with the resolution S.R.T. Nº 905/2015, published on 4th May 2015 in the Official Bullettin Nº 33.121 – First Section (page 79), and with the provisions established in the decree N° 1.338 dated 25th November 1996”

Argentine Institute of Security